35" X 165' Green Sheep, Goat & Garden Netting

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Brand new electric fence netting, Ideal for sheep, goats and pets or around a garden.


35" x 164' Green Electric Sheep, Goat & Garden Netting

LENGTH  164'

HEIGHT    35"


NUMBER OF POSTS   14 (Double Spiked)



The netting is portable and very quick and simple to install. This netting is "all live" meaning that if the animal touches any of the green horizontal wires, they will get a shock.

A very convenient all-purpose, portable electric fencing that is quick and easy to set up. Ideal for keeping sheep, goats and all kinds of pets and gardens safely protected. Delivers a harmless yet effective shop when connected to an energizer.

Electric fence netting is a great option for a variety of temporary fence applications including campsites, free range chicken operations, and keeping small nuisance animals out of gardens – just to name a few. 

Great for keeping in all types of animals from rabbits to dogs, or is also a perfect barrier for protecting gardens, flower beds, newly planted areas, etc. from dogs, cats, raccoons or other unwanted pests. The horizontal strands contain durable, stainless steel wire for reliable conductivity woven with polyethylene for strength and durability. The vertical and bottom strands are without wire to prevent the fence from shorting out.

Electric netting combines traits of net-wire and electric fencing, providing a formidable mental and physical barrier in a portable format suitable for temporary or semi-permanent fencing of pastures. It is constructed of polywires and plastic twines. 

Netting is lightweight and easy to install. Compared to other temporary fences, electric netting provides greater protection from predators. However, with electric netting, there is some risk of animal entanglement, especially young lambs and animals with horns.

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