Converting a barbed wire or woven wire fence to electric fence

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Do you already have a good barbed wire or woven wire fence, but want to add an electric component?

Note: You should never try to electrify the existing barbed or woven wire as it is too dangerous for your livestock.

Patriot Wood Post Extenders and T-post Extenders allow you to maintain your current fence structure while adding high tensile wire, poliwire, politape, or polirope to make it electric. This is a safe and highly effective way to convert a barbed or woven wire fence to electric. 


Fence wire

The best permanent electric fences are constructed using 12.5 gauge galvanized high tensile wire. It provides a lower level of resistance than a smaller gauge of wire and has sufficient capacity to carry the electrical current of the fence. Some people use a smaller gauge galvanized wire (i.e. 14 ga., 16 ga., etc.); however, these have higher levels of resistance, do not allow you to achieve the maximum benefits of your energizer, and your fence life may not be as long. (Aluminum wire is not the same as steel galvanized wire. Small aluminum wire also has less resistance than comparable size steel wire.)

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