How does Electric Fencing work for Livestock?

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The electric fence is a simple system that has been used by farmers for over half a century to keep domestic livestock out of or in certain areas. The electric fence works by energizing an insulated wire with electricity, which creates an electrical current across the ground.

Electric fences are available in many different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. A regular farm will have one or two wires with 5 strands of wire per line for each animal. This means that each animal will now have 5 times the voltage of any normal fence, with 5 times the amount of potential hazard.

After you install the electric fence, there are several options for using it. You can make a small or large circle around your livestock to fence them in, or you can make a square or rectangle around your livestock to prevent movement. To make a circle, put two wires side by side at the center of the area you wish to fence in. This will be for one line of fencing. For every 3 feet out from these wires, take one more wire and join it to the first wire with another piece of tape.

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 How does Electric fencing work?

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