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A temporary electric fence works well for maintaining a small number of livestock for relatively short periods of time.

The fence can be quickly constructed and moved as often as needed. Temporary electric fences are terrific choices for cattle and horses. They are sufficient for sheep and goats, but require more work and greater attention to detail (i.e., wire spacing, available posts, line tension, etc.). Temporary electric fences are also excellent for overnight trail rides to control horses and on camping trips to keep unwanted animals away from your camp site.


Fence Posts

Temporary electric fences are generally constructed with either Sentinel Tread-In or Pigtail Tread-In posts. For more information on these products, contact your nearest Patriot dealer.

Fence Wire

For temporary fences, good poliwire, polirope, or politape with at least 6 strands of conductors are the best choice.

All Patriot temporary fencing wire contains 6 stainless steel conductors and white UV stabilized yarn for greater visibility and longevity. The biggest difference is the thickness and visibility of the different products i.e. politape is larger and therefore more visible than poliwire.

How Do You Join Poliwire or Politape?

To join broken (or separate ends) of poliwire or politape, use a cigarette lighter to burn away the plastic yarn in order to expose the stainless steel wires. Twist and join the wires together, then tie the poliwire in a knot. The electrical current can then pass through wires.

For ½ in politape or 1½ in politape, you can also use the Patriot Tape Buckle.

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