Why choose Tru-Test Scales?

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Why choose Tru-Test Scales?

Trutest cattle scales

Rugged, dependable Tru-Test weigh scales from www.patriotchargers.com take the guesswork out of weighing so you can make informed decisions, track rate of gain on calves, ensure accurate treatment dosages, and more. Tru-Test scales are:

  • Designed specifically for animals that don't stand still while being weighed. A sack of feed may not move, but a 2470 lb bull sure will.
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof to ensure you can weigh your cattle under any conditions.
  • Fully functional with no electricity - Your load bars connect to the indicator with a 16-foot cable for power and the indicator includes a long-life, rechargeable, internal battery that lasts 14 - 20 hours (depending on model).

We offer everything you need to get started with Tru-Test scales including, indicators, load bars, and weighing platforms.

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