Patriot Electric Fence 16' Spring Gate Kit

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16 ft (5 m) Spring Gate For Electric Fence

  • Fence wire: Poliwire, polirope, steel/ aluminum wire, politape (½ in)
  • For use with electric fence energizers, creates a quick and easy gate
  • Fully insulated
  • UV stable and designed for long life
  • Spring and activator included
  • Sold individually.
  • Item Number 809983

A Spring Gate creates a quick, easy gate in temporary and permanent electric fences. It stretches up to 16’ and installs on most wood or pipe posts. UV-stabilized for long life. To install, nail or screw the insulator and activator to posts, attach the spring to the pin-lock insulator and gate handle, and insert the gate handle into the gate activator.

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