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Lapp 4014 Two Hole Energy-Free Drinker 


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20" W x 19" H x 39" L and about 50 Lbs
Water Capacity - 14 Gallons
Supply for approx. 60 Dairy Cattle, 150 Beef Cattle, 50 Horses, or 400 Sheep
Valve for more than 60PSI water pressure
  • The Lapp 4014 is a 2 hole energy-free drinker.
  • It uses ground heat to keep the water supply from freezing and to keep drinking water cool in summer.
  • It is designed for cattle, horses and sheep.
  • It waterers 60 dairy cows, 150 beef cattle, 50 horses, or 400 sheep.
  • Made in New Holland, PA by Amish craftsmen using strong and durable materials and parts.
  • Well designed for long life and easy worry free operation.
  • It is one of the best designed water systems on the market, and features an adjustable float mechanism.
  • Uses thermal caps and works better than ball fountains, much easier for animals to use.
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions and parts warranty.
  • Attractive dark green color.
  • Free UPS shipping in USA.
  • Doesn't include ground heat tube
  • Click here to download installation instructions
  • *Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 


Proven dependability since 1984!

The Energy Free Livestock Drinker is without a doubt the most rugged and dependable livestock drinker on the market.  First Introduced in 1984, there are hundreds of drinkers 25+ years old in use today.

*Needs no Gas or Electric - no wires to cause electric shock 
*The design of drinking baffle and insulated thermacap keeps cold out even when drinking ENERGY FREE TO APPROX. -20'F BELOW ZERO
*Manufactured of a strong polyethylene product- WILL NOT RUST.
*One of the easiest drinkers on the market for small calves,sheep,etc.,as well as all big animals to drink from.
*Combination of drinking baffle and underground air temperature 45' - 48'., Keeps drinker from freezing with very few animals drinking from it. KEEPS WATER COOLER IN SUMMER
*Round corners - better for animal durability and safety.  
*A good water supply with non-corrosive 3/4" Non-Siphoning plastic water valve, with 3/4" PVC shut off valve (Will work with gravity flow or under pressure).
*Very well insulated with high density urethane foam to keep working in extreme cold climates. NO WASTED RUNNING WATER TO KEEP IT FROM FREEZING.
*Proper installation is essential for proper function,an adequate heat well under its mounting base in order to work properly.(Especially for outside installations.)
*If you think you don't have enough animals drinking from a unit, install a electric line when you install water line ,just in case its needed.

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